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What can I possibly say about Fredo that hasn’t already been said? Nice guy, great soccer player, mentor, friend, artist, etc...


What I can’t say is how much it meant to my daughter for Fredo to take her under his wing and push her to be the best she could be plus more. Words just can’t explain it. He is a person who is kind but honest and can recognize Soccer talent. We have been blessed to know him and call him friend; even though he’s my daughter’s skills coach, he is actually more like family. 


If you don’t know him then you should meet him. Fredo is just as hardworking as his players. He’s a leader in the soccer community. Fredo always sets the bar high for himself and his students; by leading by example and consistent encouragement, he truly helps young soccer enthusiasts reach for the stars and helps maximize their potential. 


When my daughter was injured and had to have surgery, he was there with consistent encouragement. When she was down emotionally because she didn’t know how she would come back from her second ACL surgery, he was there to help build her confidence and get her back in track with soccer techniques. Katie always says “without Fredo’s help, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my skills level and knowledge”. 


If you don’t know Fredo, then you’re missing out. If you are looking for more than a skills coach, then look no further than Alfredo Sainz

Sherrie Coughran-Patrick

Katie Patrick / Defender for LAPFC DA 99/00

Insainz Trial clip

Insainz Trial clip

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What separates 'Fredo' from others, is he enjoys demonstrating in front of a visual learning audience.

We help parents and players understand how important technique and skill is at an early stage.

The effect you have on others is  the most valuable currency there is.

- Jim Carey

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