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- Support all levels of income families.
- Provide the highest level of technical soccer training.
- Provide a safe and competitive environment for all players to master their skill.

- Provide mentorship to players of all ages in a physical and mental sense.

- Help create a path to college and/or professional soccer.

soccer traning
soccer traning
soccer traning
soccer traning
profile photo of Alfredo Sainz

My name is Alfredo Sainz, everyone calls me Fredo or Nene. I was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. My parents decided to move to California to seek the American dream. Coming from a family of professional athletes, my father introduced me to my very first ball and from that point on, the obsession grew tremendously. After playing and training with professional teams such as, Red Bull Wingers and Club Jorge Wilstermann, I made the decision to share my experience and passion with a younger, hungrier soccer generation. 

At a young age, my father always enforced technique and skill into every afternoon training. It didn’t matter if we were playing a pick up game or strictly at the park to train. He always had me juggling the ball and perfecting my craft. 

I admit, there were times where I would get extremely frustrated with him. He demanded high expectations and pushed me above my limit. However, once I got older and the physicality and speed of the game caught up with everyone. The one thing I perfected as a kid, most kids never even touched. 


Now that I’m older, I’m very thankful for those countless hours of training with my father. It was worth every minute and every tear. 


That is exactly why I do, what I do...


What’s separates Fredo from other trainers and coaches? He is a firm believer in demonstrating all aspects of the game. From drills on grass, turf, street or court. Whether it’s skills, free-styling, first touch, finishing or ground moves. He enjoys performing in front of a visual learning audience.



The INSAINZ staff is continuously learning whether it’s teaching or playing in a competitive environment. 


“I can show you better than I can tell you” 

- Fredo

I'm exactly where I  want to be, because I  realized, I gotta commit my very being to this thing, I gotta   breath it, I  gotta eat it, I  gotta  sleep it, and until you  get there, you will never be successful in life, but once you  get there I  guarantee you  the world is yours, so work hard and you can have whatever it is you want.

- Eric Thomas

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